Culling vampire bats is not reducing exposures to rabies

 A new study by Daniel Streicker of the University of Georgia and colleagues suggests that culling of vampire bats is not only failing to eliminate rabies, but may be making the situation worse.

Strategies to control vampire-bat-transmitted rabies in Latin America include vaccination of humans and livestock and reduction of bat populations by culling. However, isolated populations in remote areas make any control attempts difficult, and often vaccination occurs only in response to deaths.


Adopt-a-village – helping communities to protect themselves




As a neglected disease, there is a one thing we know for certain about rabies and that is that nobody knows enough. From the people living with the threat of infection in their everyday lives, to the doctors, vets, and scientists looking for ways to reduce that threat, everyone would benefit from knowing more.


Scientists call for new approach to tackle emerging zoonotic diseases




The University of Glasgow researchers discover that a more coordinated approach to surveillance is required if emerging diseases which can spread from animals to humans are to be tackled. Around 75 per cent of all recently emerging diseases are infections that can be transmitted between animals and humans, which are known as zoonoses.


Africa: Lifting the Veil of Mystery Surrounding Bats

Press release

Rome — Few animals have suffered more from negative publicity than the bat. Nature's only winged mammal is frequently depicted in folklore and films as destructive, unhealthy and unattractive. Increasing concern about the bat's potential for spreading disease to other animals and humans has contributed to the suspicion that often surrounds the animal.


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