Two human H5N1 avian influenza cases reported in Egypt

The Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) reported on their EMPRES system of two human H5N1 avian influenza cases today.

The first case was reported from Al-Minyā, also spelled Menia Governorate in Upper Egypt. The second case, which was fatal, was from Faiyum,  a city in Middle Egypt.


Different contexts yet similar challenges

medium IMG 20171123 153333FAO facilitated knowledge-sharing workshop on pastoral land tenure reveals similar challenges across eastern and southern Africa

11/12/2017 -

Pastoralism is the dominant livelihood in the arid and semi-arid lands of eastern and southern Africa, contributing significantly not only to national GDPs, but also to food security and environmental restoration in the region. Yet, pastoralists face several challenges, especially with regards to resource loss due to adverse government policies, conservation efforts, infrastructure projects, rise in population, climate change, and land acquisitions by large industries.


Indonesia hosts FAO pilot projects for tackling zoonoses

The Agriculture Ministry and the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) have designated four areas in Indonesia for pilot projects to contain the spread of zoonoses.

The four places are Bengkalis in Riau, Ketapang in West Kalimantan, Boyolali in Central Java and Minahasa in North Sulawesi, said Andri Jatikusumah, a national technical advisor for One Health and Zoonosis Control of the FAO’s Emergency Center for Transboundary Animal Diseases (ECTAD) Indonesia in Jakarta on Wednesday.

"We select areas based on the risks and the state of medical infrastructure and the commitment of regional administrations," he added, as reported by Antara.

Zoonoses are contagious diseases like rabies, anthrax and avian influenza (AI) that can spread from animals to human and vice versa.

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Influenza aviaire hautement pathogène, Pays-Bas

Information reçue le 27/02/2018 de Dr Christianne Bruschke, Chief Veterinary Officer , Ministry of Economic Affairs, Ministry of Economic Affairs, The Hague, Pays-Bas

Type de rapport Notification immédiate
Date de début de l’événement 24/02/2018
Date de confirmation de l´événement 26/02/2018
Date du rapport 27/02/2018
Date d'envoi à l'OIE 27/02/2018
Raison de notification Réapparition d’une maladie listée par l'OIE
Date de la précédente apparition de la maladie 08/12/2017
Manifestation de la maladie Maladie clinique
Agent causal Virus de l'influenza aviaire hautement pathogène
Sérotype H5N6
Nature du diagnostic Clinique, Tests approfondis en laboratoire (i.e. virologie, microscopie électronique, biologie moléculaire, immunologie)
Cet événement se rapporte à une zone définie à l'intérieur du pays


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