WAAVP Conference: 25-29 August 2013, Perth, Australia

For the 24th WAAVP (World Ass. for the Advancement of Veterinary Parasitology) Conference, partial scholarships are available for veterinary parasitologists from Africa (Deadline: 31/01/2013).

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Visioconférence du 9 janvier 2013 Actualités sur les zoonoses émergentes

Actualités sur les zoonoses émergentes

 Pr. Jeanne Brugère-Picoux

Présidente de l'Académie Vétérinaire de France
34, rue Bréguet
75011 Paris, France


More than 60 percent of 400 emerging infectious diseases identified since 1940 are zoonotic -- diseases that move between animals and people. (Photo courtesy of Jonna Mazet/UC Davis)

UC Davis PREDICT program a model for global pandemic prevention

Groundbreaking efforts by PREDICT, a project led by the One Health Institute at the University of California, Davis, are highlighted today in the medical journal The Lancet as a model for a new, globally coordinated pandemic prevention strategy.

PREDICT is part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Emerging Pandemic Threats Program, which builds on the understanding that humans, wildlife and the environment are inextricably linked.


Zoonoses and Emerging Livestock Systems (ZELS)

Call launch: 29 October 2012
Application deadline: 10 January 2013, 4pm

The purpose of this call is to allow eligible investigators within the UK and developing countries to begin the process of identifying potential project partners with a view to assembling multi-disciplinary teams.


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